Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Guest Blog on the Tracks

While in the process of overhauling and reinventing Sat at Home as a music blog, I've been dragging out and finishing off a lot of writing that I started over the course of running the radio show since mid 2013, but never seemed to find the time to complete. 

Today I finally finished off a guest blog for Simon Sweetman's Off The Tracks/Blog On the Tracks column, for the ongoing 'Five Albums I'm Loving Right Now' series. 

Simon originally asked me to do this back around June/July last year, and in that time it's ended up becoming a fairly sprawling account of five enduring favourites from the last couple of years. 

They are (in no particular order) the 'Horde Mentality' EP from dark punk/deathrock outfit Masses (Melbourne, Australia, 2014); 'Another Life' by synth/darkwave duo Black City Lights (Wellington, NZ, 2013); 'Self Initiation' from post-punk trio Ascetic: (Melbourne/Berlin, 2013); 'Ninth' by former Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy (UK, 2011); and the self-titled début from post-punk band Villain (Christchurch, NZ, 2014).

There are also rambling tangents buried in the text (masquerading as 'context') on subjects ranging from what's wrong with gothic rock and pseudo-industrial dance music, why Australia is better than New Zealand, and why it's important to mislabel everything you hate as "numetal". 

Tis to be found here.

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